RFA-Project Management

Project Management


We are able to plan, manage and lead the evaluation process independent of the business, minimising the impact on the day-to-day management. The evaluation of current processes requires independent analysis. Our experienced Pure PLM consultants are able to look beyond the way it has always been done, reducing the political noise surrounding a project.


The biggest challenge when embarking on any change is managing your team through the process. With extensive management and leadership experience, coupled with their knowledge of the industry, our skilled consultants can effectively guide and nurture your business through the transition process one step at a time.

We can help mitigate the negative aspects of change, and facilitate the positives by independently identifying and engaging stakeholders in key roles in the business to champion the implementation of PLM.

Strategic Engagement

For many organisations, PLM is the foundation for other technologies and processes. We are able to develop roadmaps that offer best practice optimization for your business, taking into account technology integration requirements and supporting business units.

PLM technology focuses on cross department collaboration, rather than silo management and is an enabler of cooperation, in an increasingly geographical and cultural diverse workforce.

Organisation Change Management

The introduction of technology on its own does not improve a business bottom line. In fact, without a complete review of processes, any new software is likely to cause pain for the business and the people.

Our local consultants are available through the duration of your PLM initiative -evaluation, implementation, progression and re-evaluation

We are able to provide:

  • Change management support
  • Facilitate the development of roles and responsibilities that interface with PLM
  • PLM education
  • Local on-going PLM training to maximise your investment
  • Local User support
  • Intermediate PLM process review

To complete the business optimisation, the acceptance and success of new processes require a complete analysis of the following:

  • Skill set requirement
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Change management
  • Initial and ongoing training